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  • Health and Safety Consultant, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

    Blog: Health and safety consultants?

    Some organisations are nervous about engaging a health and safety consultant. Here is a little bit of information on what to look for and the benefits that a good health and safety consultant an bring. Why use a health and safety consultant? Health and safety consultants bring specialised expertise and experience to ensure your management…

  • Risk Assessment Understanding the basics

    Vlog: Risk Assessment - The Basics

    If you need some help understanding the basics of risk assessment, watch this short video

  • Health and safety hazards site visits

    Blog: Autumn H&S Hazards - Site Visits

    As the leaves fall, temperatures drop, and mornings become misty and frosty there are some health and safety issues that we need to bear in mind a bit more at this time of year; so if  you are out and about completing bat roost or wintering bird surveys, or even aquatic invertebrate surveys this autumn;…

  • Health and safety and sustainable business

    Blog: Health and Safety and Sustainability.

    As a health and safety consultant, when I talk about health and safety as a key component in the sustainability of a business, more often that not I will be asked ‘what has health and safety has got to do with sustainability?’ Well, rather a lot actually – when talking about the long term sustainability…

  • Independent health and safety consultant menopause

    Vlog: Menopause - our experience

    In this conversation Yvette Whitwam of Beanstalk HR and I talk about our personal experience of peri-menopause and it's impact on us as people running our own businesses. We discuss how employers can support their employees from an HR and health and safety perspective.

  • Blog: What should I look for in a Good Health and Safety Consultant

    I’ve been to see a couple of new clients recently. I’ve left both meetings feeling frustrated and annoyed. Not with my clients, but because they have both received extremely poor service from so called ‘health and safety consultants’. Now, I’m not knocking health and safety consultants – I am one, after all. But I am…

  • Blog: Mental Health at Work and Mental Health First Aiders

    Mental Health at Work and Mental Health First Aiders Mental Health at work is something of particular interest to me. I had post-natal depression following the birth of my first child and struggled with it for approximately 3 years before I finally felt I had it under control. It affected all aspects of my life…

  • Blog: Health and Safety law doesn’t apply to me – I have less than 5 employees!

    Health and Safety law doesn’t apply to me – I have less than 5 employees! There’s a commonly-believed myth that health and safety law doesn’t apply to businesses with less than five employees. However, this belief is wrong and can place your business and your employees at significant risk! This misconception stems from a strange…

  • Blog: Why Health and Safety should be on the radar of businesses of all sizes

    A question that we’re frequently asked at Buzz Safety is ‘Why is Health and Safety important to my small business?’. Other regular questions and statements we hear include: ‘Why is it important and what will it do for my business?’ ‘Why should I bother?’ ‘It doesn’t apply to me anyway because I have less than…

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